Ich Bin Ein Berliner

noa-noir-fashion-outfit-minimal-streetstyle-berlin-bluchers noa-noir-fashion-outfit-minimal-streetstyle-berlin-bluchers

Hello from Berlin! Last week we finally made the move here and the first days have flown by. The new adventure started off a bit crazy as our train was cancelled due to a storm. We were supposed to arrive in the early afternoon, but instead got to our one-night AirBnB at 1:30 am! Not a great start, but hey, at least it started off with a bang. Well, sort of...

We're still on our house hunt, but found a great apartment to stay in April (see Insta). For the Easter weekend we were already back in the Netherlands to spend less than 48 hours with my family. It's great that I am able to visit them quickly again after missing out on our family Easter celebrations (read: lots of chocolate ;-) for the past 3 years.

This week I'll (finally?) get back into more of a routine. Time to get the Berlin life started! It's so tempting to keep exploring the different areas though... SO much to see & do in Berlin!

...And evidently many great places to shoot. This week the weather is supposed to be beautiful -up to 19 degrees!- so I hope we can squeeze in some more shoots. I look forward to showing you more of my new city!