Home Hunting


We're still in this expat limbo phase, but have made so much progress these past few weeks. As it turns out the Germans take their Grundlichkeit very seriously (even as a half German I didn't expect it to be that way) and so we've spent the past weeks mostly on getting a bunch of paperwork together. Basically no paperwork = no apartment/job/life... important stuff!

You may have seen on my Instagram feed (or Snapchat!**) that we spent a few days in Berlin last week to look for an apartment. Well, the lack of the complete paperwork package was a bit of an inconvenience, but at least we got to explore the city as future residents (opposed to tourists) and we now have a really good idea of where we want to live (hey Berlin Mitte!)... ideally.

We may have found a beautiful apartment for April, which means that we can officially move (on) in two weeks and then start the hunting full-force. Can't wait!

** The -in my case- undesaturated and unoverexposed (in lieu of filters) peek into my life can be found on Snapchat: find me @noanoircom!