Dear Frank...

noa-noir-beauty-natural-products-frank-body-coffee-scrub noa-noir-beauty-natural-products-frank-body-coffee-scrub

I like the way you make me feel.

We were together already back in February, but lost each other during the move from Canada to Europe. I often looked for you, needing your gentle touch during the colder months, but I just didn't know where to look. I thought you were hiding on me.

I was so happy when you finally popped up into my life again this summer, and that it turned out that I hadn't mistakenly left you back in Vancouver (what a relief!). Now I finally had the chance to spend some time with you and it's so much better than expected!

The thing is, regardless of the season, my skin is always in need of extra TLC. I have had sensitive, dry skin my whole life, and there were many before you who tried to help me out. But Frank, none of them were like you. Not only are you all-natural and gentle (even on my face), you also leave me feeling awake and my skin super smooth for days after. It's so good that, despite being a monogamous type of girl, I even told others to spend time with you.

So yes, this is kind of a love letter to you, Frank. Not because I'm the kind of girl who writes them to beauty products (or in general, really), but it's just the guy you are. It must be the Frank effect.