noa-noir-fashion-outfit-fjord-timepieces-watch-silver-blonde-hair-minimalist-inspiration-menswear "You have so many watches, soon you'll be able to set up your own store!"

I have heard this so many times over the past few years (hey mom!), and I have to say... it's true. The one accessory that is steadily growing in pieces owned is my watch collection. It is the one item I wear every single day, whether I am at the office, traveling, or just staying at home: you'll always find one around my wrist. Without it I feel naked and it is probably the only time my 'less = more' approach doesn't quite ring true, because: the bigger, the better!


Other than the large amount of beautiful watches out there, I believe my genes are also to blame. My dad used to collect clocks, now I collect watches. Surely, it was meant to be! You know I talk about subtle statements all the time, and to me watches are exactly that. I am really not interested in the "status image" that they have - in this case it's more about the superficial, I only base it on the looks... Of course, I naturally gravitate towards pieces that exude luxury and class, but it's not necessarily dependent on the brand name or price tag.

noa-noir-fashion-outfit-fjord-timepieces-watch-silver-blonde-hair-minimalist-inspiration-menswear noa-noir-fashion-outfit-fjord-timepieces-watch-silver-blonde-hair-minimalist-inspiration-menswear

So while I normally don't really play favourites, I will have to make an exception today. My latest obsession is called Fjord Timepieces. Their Scandinavian designs, inspired by the majestic Nordic fjords, are simply stunning. The watches are minimal, elegant, simplistic & clean... total understated luxury. Totally up my alley. With a focus on function, Fjord uses only quality materials to ensure accuracy and precision in movement. And you can see and feel it. My two favourites - Christoffer and Finn - are both quite heavy thanks to the high quality stainless steel they're made of. I love it.

Side note: not only Fjord's timepieces caught my eye - their branding is on point as well. As a sucker for a strong visual brand, it made the crush even bigger. If you're feeling it too, I have great news: Fjord Timepieces was so kind to offer all of you a generous discount of 30% on their watches! Simply use code NOANOIR at check-out (valid until November 30, 2015).

This post was brought to you in friendly collaboration with Fjord Timepieces. All opinions are 100% my own.