Totally unrelated to this look, but since it's International Women's Day today... A "few" words on feminism. Because to me, it's so much more than protesting, posting photos of cut open fruit and freeing the nipple (which I have not participated in... YET?). Of course, before you unleash angry words at me: I know it's much more than that to everyone. Hang on.

In my upbringing, gender inequality was never a topic. In my eyes, the men and women in my family were equally intelligent, strong, inspiring... There was no "weaker" or "stronger". I feel that this has had an impact on my personal views on feminism and the way I deal with it. That's why I mentioned the three things above, not to ridicule other women who use that to take a stance, but because you likely will not ever see something similar in any of my posts. With any important matter, I do have my (strong) opinions, but I don't always (often) feel the need to shout it from the rooftop... or my social channels. Why? Because I don't think that it's necessary - it is not the only way to stand up against injustice, sexism and gender inequality as a whole. Just because I don't shout, doesn't mean I don't care.

When I say I have never really felt unequal in my upbringing, I mean, I have never viewed myself as being part of the "weaker", "less intelligent", "less successful", less whatever gender. My parents never "treated me like a girl" in the sense that I was brought up hearing what a girl or woman should/shouldn't do. Now, I don't have any brothers, so I can't say for certain that they would have raised a boy the same way, but I do believe he would have been raised "neutral" as well: as a respectful human, not defined by gender. This has had a direct impact on how I have handled uncomfortable situations such as being paid much less than male counterparts, not being taken seriously (MAJOR pet peeve btw) and being roofied multiple times... Of course I felt violated as a woman - especially being drugged by strangers - but these things have never made me give into a feeling of being weak or being less. So cliche, but it made me feel stronger and made me want to fight those personal situations.

And that is what feminism is about for me. That internal confidence, a fire, that we should ignite in anyone that faces injustice and inequality. And life, in general - because that one can be a bitch. I feel that there are so many people that fight and protest from a place of feeling unsure and unheard, where they should actually feel truly empowered, accepted and respected. Towards men, women, anyone. It takes more than standing up together as a movement, we need to stand up within ourselves first and get to that point where we feel comfortable making whatever choices we want, fighting for whatever we want... for what we deserve. Simply, because that's the way it should be.