Design Challenge

noa-noir-art-interior-design-challenge-moes-home-vitamin-daily noa-noir-art-interior-design-challenge-moes-home-vitamin-daily

As most of you already know I have developed a bit of a passion for interior design over the past few years. While my professional experience is limited to avid late-night pinning, I do like to think I have a knack for it.

Well, at the last event I attended in Vancouver this was put to the test as I was invited to participate in a design challenge! The deal: design an empty living room space within a few minutes. The jury: editors from various interior design magazines and other guests. Eek!

I definitely felt the pressure but it was so much fun to run around, grabbing items and trying to make it work in the design. Some of the people were yelling instructions (or sharing their doubt with some of my choices ha!) and it was funny how everybody really got into it. Even though we had to choose from pre-selected items, I am really happy with how my design turned out.

Definitely ended my Vancouver blogging life on a high note!