Checking Off


This week I finally checked something off my to-do list that had been on there for waaay too long. After almost 11 years (yes, I do pity myself a little, maybe), I am finally taking a little sun vacation. "Little" really isn't an understatement here, as it will only be 3 full days. The reason why I finally booked some flights? My grandmother flies every year to Mallorca for a little time off (this is her 41st year!) and I really wanted to come visit her. And yes, soak up some sun. Good enough excuses I thought, so I spontaneously booked my flights the other day and am already counting down. I am hoping to travel a lot more this year - even if it's just a (long) weekend here & there - now that I am living so much closer to my family and don't need to spend my vacation time flying across the globe to visit them. Definitely one of the benefits of being back in Europe. And now that this one's booked, I need to get the rest of my trips scheduled: Paris, London, Barcelona to name a few... and hopefully a fun birthday trip later on in the year. You see, new years resolutions can also be fun ;-)