Checking In


Hello! My apologies for the Funkstille these past few weeks... I really have no idea where the time went! Of course I expected that my last weeks in Canada would fly by, but I hadn't planned on being super flustered and running around like a headless chicken ;-)

Friday the 13th - a lucky day for once - marked my last day at the office and from then I have just been busy prepping the move. I had planned on doing a bunch of "last time" things but that didn't really work out. Which is probably a good thing, because 90% of the things involved food so now I didn't have to book an extra seat to fly my additional pounds to Europe ha!

As for what's going on now: we are currently staying with my parents in the Netherlands to take a little break and spend time with family. And then we're off to our new home - Berlin! I can't wait... I am so excited to explore the city as a resident. Exciting times!