Blue Is A Neutral

noa-noir-fashion-outfit-minimalistic-scandinavian-style-black-and-blue-cos-bucket-bag-silver-hair noa-noir-fashion-outfit-minimalistic-scandinavian-style-black-and-blue-cos-bucket-bag-silver-hair

I don't want to discriminate, but I strongly believe that you have colours, and then you have colours... The one kind you won't really find scrolling through my pictures (this one being the exception), and the other kind, well, sometimes finds its way into my wardrobe. Like this blue top. Based on the shade I would consider it more of a neutral, and the perfect companion for black (or grey). It gives the same "muted feel" (is that a thing? it is now), but looks a little more luxe. Plus I love how it compliments the silver blonde hair.

Talking about colour/hair combinations: inspiration-wise I am venturing out of the dark zone and into the light so to speak. I am really digging the camel and beige tones at the moment! Though I find it quite a challenge to find the right shades for my hair- and skin tone without looking washed out. The key (for me) is to not go too light on the camel tones and staying away from shades of beige that match too closely with my skin tone. I have found some great inspiration (references!) so now I'll just need to keep (online) window shopping. Tough life...