A New Adventure


I quit my job, ended my apartment lease and sold the majority of my things... If you follow me on Instagram you might already know the BIG NEWS, if not... I am moving back to Europe! (with boyfriend, cat & dog)

Today marks the exact four week countdown. On February 25 I will leave Vancouver for a new adventure in one of my favourite European cities: Berlin! I am both super excited and increasingly nervous as it's all becoming "really real" now.

The apartment is already pretty empty and this week is all about cleaning up and throwing out the clutter ("yay" ...). I won't be able to pack a lot but luckily we were able to already bring a lot of items with us on our Christmas trip. So if you have been wondering why my wardrobe choices have been a bit limited... now you know ;-) I guess I was a little too optimistic and left 75% of my stuff with my parents in the Netherlands -- regretting that decision now!

Until our move there are still lots of things I need/want to do, so I am sure time will fly by like crazy. I'll have to make sure to plan lots of good times with my favourite people before we're off! It will be sad to do all these "last time" things, but it's all part of getting out of your comfort zone. Now is the time to explore and I am sure it will be easier than the last time.

It is SO exciting to have a real fresh start and I am planning on using it to my full advantage. So yes, a new adventure for 2015!