Creativity Hacks


If you're anything like me, you don't have an unlimited source of creative ideas flowing through your mind at all times. Some days I can't keep up with my own mind and have to make sure to write it all down, but other days... think tumble weeds. On those off days, instead of trying to force creativity, I apply different strategies to break through the wall. Here are my top creativity hacks for uninspired days:

1) Get out of your comfort zone / Try that new class at your gym, book a quick city trip for yourself, finally get that hair cut you've been thinking about... Pushing yourself to feel uncomfortable gives you a boost of adrenaline and inspiration.

2) Have a chat with someone you admire / This can be your mentor, your parent, a friend - it doesn't matter who he or she is, or what you talk about, you will no doubt gain a new perspective that may inspire you in unexpected ways.

3) Change up your habits / Breaking the pattern is one of the best things to do to regain inspiration: have your breakfast somewhere else, shut off all social media, work at different hours... Anything but the "same same".

4) Collaborate with someone on a creative project / Working together with another creative on a special project helps you break away from the day-to-day and try something new. Plus, seeing someone else at work can help you change things up.

5) Go on an 'inspiration tour' / Take a day off, put your favourite outfit on and get moving. Explore new neighbourhoods, finally visit that exhibition, see what's new in the city... Anything's allowed, except sitting at home behind your screen!

6) Read a book or pin up a storm at your favourite café / A different environment always helps me to feel more inspired. The bonus of hitting up your fav spot: a treat is (almost) literally within arm's reach.

Especially #2 and #6 work wonders for me - having a good conversation and changing my environment often helps me focus and come up with new ideas... and they are two very easy things to do. What easy hacks do you apply to stay inspired or spark your creativity?