The Side Table


The other day I realized that this new apartment is the first one I have moved in as a 100% single woman. You'd think that might not be relevant when it comes to interior styling, but I have noticed it definitely is. Despite having a fairly strong & consistent style, and most certainly a strong opinion about what I like/do not like, I do get influenced by other people's opinions to a certain degree. Especially when it comes to decorating a new home with (the potential of) someone else moving in. Whether you want to or not, when there is another person (in)directly involved, it is hard not to compromise on certain things. But this time around the styling is all up to me and I am loving it.

Unfortunately I have not managed to successfully grow a money tree yet, so a lot of furniture is still from Ikea (which is not bad at all and at least it's Scandinavian ;-)), but little by little I want to start implementing more design and accent pieces into the home. I mentioned in last week's interior post that I like to work with corners as opposed to focusing on entire rooms (which is too expensive + overwhelming all at once). It is great if you can afford big statement furniture to spruce up a room, but if you're on a bit more of a budget you can simply focus on smaller pieces like side tables.

That is exactly what I did with the dining area. Instead of replacing my dining set, which can be rather costly and time-consuming, I started looking for an interesting side table to grab all the attention and lift up the "coolness factor" of the space. I wanted it to be minimal, clean, versatile, black - as a strong contrast to my otherwise white furniture - and not too mainstream. So I checked out one of my favourite online interior stores: MONOQI - they offer hard-to-find and limited edition design products, some of which are available for a short time only (as part of their flash sales) and others that are in regular stock. This, by the way, does not mean that the products are super expensive, it's all about "curated limited editions at affordable prices". Affordable luxury... always a winner in my book.

So yeah, I spend a good amount of time browsing the collections (100 unique products get added each day) and in the end decided to go for this minimalist classic: the HAY Tray Table. I have seen it (and loved it) many times in my interior pins, so I knew this would be the one. I love the design, the fact that you can take the tray off and that it offers the perfect contrast to the rest of the decor. A keeper!

In friendly cooperation with MONOQI.