Sneak Peek


I have talked a little about hair before - and my love for cold blonde hues - and if you follow me on Instagram (@noanoir_) you probably have seen some #hairinspo popping up on my feed.

For a while I was thinking of going grey (something my mom did not agree with - at all), but I feel that it may look too "dreary" on me. I think something a little brighter would look awesome, especially with my love for black and grey. I really, really love the silver blonde hair inspiration I have come across lately though and... let's just say this is a bit of a sneak peek... it's time for a change! ;-)

So tomorrow I'm off to Hamburg for a fun project in collaboration with Moij Salon and hair stylist Chris Weber. Fun fact: I know Chris from my time in Vancouver (he still lives there) so it's really fun to finally work together on a project now that I live in Germany. Small world!