Mood: All Black, All Summer

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The summer season has always been challenging for me wardrobe-wise. For one, many collections are filled with colourful, print-heavy, frilly pieces. And also, personally I have always find it so hard to dress for the heat (and my body type) while still maintaining some sort of effortless, elevated look. I’d usually revert to trousers and some (too) basic tops in lieu of finding well-fitting shorts and skirts or dresses that suit my more minimalist aesthetic. Let’s just say, I have come a long way since then.

As you probably know, I love the idea of having somewhat of a daily uniform. It makes getting dressed truly effortless, without sacrificing on style. During this past winter’s trip to Australia, where I had to deal with 45+ degrees on some days, I quickly found out what pieces work and don’t work for me when the days are hot and sunny. And thankfully, it turns out that it’s no longer a struggle to find more muted, minimalist pieces in stores either… Perhaps brands like the beautiful Toteme are to thank for that — elevated basics are now all the rage ;-)

These are my go-to pieces that I reach for all-the-time and work so well together in a more capsule-focused summer wardrobe.

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