Ah, clearly I have am having a little love affair with batwing sleeves... And Avelon, for that matter. Yes yes, yet another piece from this Amsterdam-based brand. You know what they say: once you find something you love; stick with it. So that's what I have been doing - not only when it comes to fashion by the way. All of 2016 has been about shedding (ew) the negative, and focusing on the good stuff. The good stuff being: my hobbies, interests, passions, good friends, educating myself, developing my skills... It's the first time in years that, being in the last month of the year, I am looking back and thinking "YEAH! This was a good one for me, personally! Kinda sad it's ending soon." What a great feeling to have. And kind of fitting for the 'wing thing' going on in this look...

FashionLeonie Markhorst