That Cozy Staple


Every year I have this one cozy piece I wear over, and over and over again. I wear it at home, to the grocery store, during work, when I am meeting friends for dinner, while traveling... basically, all the time (some may even say "too much" ;-)) There's not even really anything that special about it, except for the soft material, the right comfy fit and oversized sleeves. You may normally not even notice it at a store, but I did. In the sale, hanging by itself, in my size. I immediately checked for holes - there MUST be something wrong with it! - but no, all good... all perfect.

I grabbed it immediately, then had my doubts, because I had told myself not to buy too many basic items anymore. But that's the thing... everybody talks about saving up and investing in unique, timeless items that will turn any look into a masterpiece. An idea I really like and try to keep in mind while shopping. BUT then you come across the perfect cozy sweater (or basic white tee/cropped jeans/pair of sneakers) and you know, nothing beats the seemingly simple everyday items that may not look that exciting at first sight, but end up being your own pieces of 'comfort zone' fabric that just feel right for every occasion...

FashionLeonie Markhorst