Shopping Rush


Sometimes I can only shake my head at my own shopping behaviour. You know that situation where you actually feel content with what you have, but the second you see someone else eyeing a piece, you just must-have-it-now and you're practically ready for battle in order to obtain it? Well, this is not quite what happened in my situation, but close... and it's all about this white button-up shirt with oversized sleeves.

The whole Uniqlo x Lemaire collaboration wasn't really on my radar - I had seen it but didn't spot any items I was particularly interested in. Then I looked again, close before the launch at midnight (dangerous timing) and spotted the low V neck sweaters. Now, this is actually something I have been looking for everywhere, so I immediately felt that all too familiar tingle... BUT as you may know, I am trying to keep things cool lately (shopping-wise), so I decided not to go for it. Until around 2 am - yes, I am a night owl - and thought "oh yeah, let's just have a look" (we all know what that means...) So I did and when I noticed that the sweaters were selling out quickly, the damage was done. Now I definitely needed to have it. After all, I could just send it back if I changed my mind. There was no harm in giving it a try. (Sound familiar...?)

But alas, it was all sold out before I could go through check-out... Good thing that the next day I had plans with a friend near the Uniqlo flagship store ;-) So we walked into the store and I went straight to the sweaters - of course. Only to look at them and feel the equally satisfying and sad feeling of disappointment... the sweater was not quite what I was looking for after all. (Which is always a great feeling, by the way, because it kind of takes you out of your shopping rush and back into reality.) Obviously I still wanted to try on some pieces and ended up getting this button-up shirt with the perfect extra long sleeves. I had not spotted it before and only realized later on that it was from the men's collection.

Long story short, what's the motto of this post? That, despite how funny and relatable it is, the way we can get obsessed with objects that we don't even really want nor need - it's the exact thing I tried to fight in this post - is really quite embarrassing (if you disagree, put it in writing...;-)). And we often end up regretting these buys... but sometimes, if we're lucky, we accidentally end up with something better that we end up really loving. (Tip: never forget to check the men's)