Oh, Paris


Truth be told... I was never really a fan of Paris. My last visit to the city was 7 years ago - and I left feeling quite "meh" about the trip. I can't explain why I was so thoroughly unimpressed, though... especially not after last week's whirlwind trip.

My camera turned out to be my steady companion while taking advantage of every minute to explore. Even though I was (partially) there for Paris Fashion Week, I ended up taking more photographs of flowers and buildings (evidence to follow soon...). Being used to Berlin's pretty/ugly looks, Paris was like a breath of fresh, beautiful air. Both cities have a lot of character, but I definitely enjoy the French charm much more.

I wasn't able to bring many outfits (hand luggage only), which was a shame because the city has so many good spots to shoot, but in the end I was happy to have that pressure taken off my shoulders. I spend my time in Paris just the way I wanted to: unplanned, spontaneous, no fuss. Exploring a familiar city anew.

FashionLeonie Markhorst