New Decade


Oh hey there, 30! This past weekend I entered a new decade... not for the first time (obviously), but turning 30 felt like a much bigger deal than turning 20 (or 10, I guess?). I used to make fun of people about how some make such a big deal out of it, until this year... because I became that person. Suddenly there were a lot of 'coulda, woulda, shouldas' in my head - mostly "shoulda" to be honest.

I am a perfectionist and pretty hard on myself regardless, but turning 30 really brought my anxiety to the next level for a little while. My career, my future plans, my aspirations... I carefully picked every single thing apart to analyze... and drive myself crazy. Good stuff! To be honest, this went on a for a couple of months. Right up until the moment that the clock hit 00:00. My birthday.

From that moment on I haven't had a single worry about it on my mind... oddly enough. All this anticipation led to nothing - other than just being completely fine with it. Of course I don't feel any different than at 29, but I think it's also a good lesson to learn, for me at least: that it's time to take life one day at a time and not worry about these coulda, woulda, shouldas, period.

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