Moving Days


Last Tuesday I viewed an apartment and fell in love with it instantly. Not sure whether it was the white floors, the amount of character (the house was build in the 1800s) or the interior styling options that straight away popped into my head... but all of these factors definitely contributed to my WANT. NEED. NOW. mindset. Even though I had just published my post about taking a leap of faith, I wasn't going to wait around (and think positive thoughts) until they would pick one lucky person from the growing list of people interested in the place... So I sent them an email the same evening reiterating my interest and stating why I am the perfect tenant - ok, it was more of a sales pitch than regular email - and the next day... I got the call. And Thursday, the keys.

I didn't expect it would all happen so fast but I am super stoked! So now all that is on my mind is moving & decorating (and organizing a house warming) - amidst an extra busy week of work. I'll be sure to share some of my inspiration though... an interior post is way overdue!

FashionLeonie Markhorst