Do you know that feeling, when you have decided you need this certain item and the second you come to this conclusion, the item in question turns out to be sold out everywhere?! Ah yes, that is exactly what happened with these slip-on mules. I actually spotted them already when they just landed in the stores, but they did not really stay on my radar. Until suddenly summer arrived (or so we thought...) and I really, really needed to add some more hot weather appropriate shoe wear to the collection. But then, of course, they were sold out online completely and in stores my size was gone. Clearly, that made me want them even more... ;-) So I called all the stores again and kept hitting the refresh button on the online store a few times a day (obsessive as I am). Didn't help. Until today, when I tried my luck "just one more time" and walked into the store... YES.

By the way, I am not a huge fan of sandals - yet I do own a pair of Birkenstocks (no logic) - so these babies are actually perfect for me. Not quite open, not quite closed... being a typical undecided Libra I think these were meant for me.