"I used to wear that... Everything comes back in fashion!"


The amount of times I have heard my mom say the above... I lost count. But it's true and, for some reason, it makes me feel a bit nostalgic sometimes. In this particular look it's all about the trench coat. No, I wasn't the one wearing a similar piece back in the 80s (the coat would have truly been oversized), but I was born in the 80s and when it comes to the fashion, a trench like this is definitely iconic of that time. So were colourful matching tees + leggings by the way, but let's not think about that combo for too long...

Thinking about the fashion back then - thanks to CLOSED's Archive campaign - I can't help but think about my other loves in my early years as well. Thankfully the only screen I paid attention to as a kid was the TV and mostly only on weekend mornings (my favourites varied from The Care Bears and The Dinosaurs to Knight rider and the A Team), yet apparently I did watch a whoooole lot of movies and cartoons... at least it seems that way after getting sucked into the Youtube vortex watching compilation videos of typical 80s/90s things. But trust me, it's a good way to spend an evening, I would know. And once you've done that, just follow up with another evening (and perhaps a bottle of wine) comparing your memories with a group of girl friends. Good times guaranteed (especially when you're from different countries)! Weekend plans sorted. You're welcome.

This video pretty much sums up what it was like for us Dutch kids... ;-) Ahh the good ol' times. What are your favourite memories?